Made From 100% Natural and Organically Grown Ingredients

Golden Oil Naturals is the all-natural cosmetic brand from the heart of West Africa focused on bringing the best nature can offer for skin and hair care.

Using only organically grown ingredients from the motherland Ghana, no petrochemicals added. Made in loving partnership with shea women cooperatives.all products are tested on our family, never on animals. What we’ve brought to the world? The luxury of nature.


Fruit and Flower Oil fragrance

No artificial colours

No Petroleum Products

No harsh chemicals

No animal Testing

Why we use natural Plant-based ingredients

Our Vision is to create a range of Plant-Based Natural beauty enhancing products, made simply, yet luxurious for all types of skin and hair.

Our amazing story-From the Formulator

I started making creams with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Glycerin in my kitchen for myself and my daughter in the UK where I practiced as a Pharmacist. I had dry skin lesions from an auto-immune condition and she had eczema during the winter months. I came back to Ghana in 2012. Children from the neighbourhood came into my community Pharmacy with eczema and other dry skin conditions and prescriptions for expensive emmolients which many could not afford, so I realized that people will use emollients made from local
plant butters and oils, if the smell was more pleasant, and texture was softer and easier to apply. As result, I developed a keen interest in natural cosmetics and pursued courses in Natural Cosmetic Formulation and improved my knowledge in Cosmetic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Cosmetics. The result is Golden Oil Naturals.

Enjoy the luxury of nature. Buy our products for yourselves and as gifts for your loved ones. Give us feedback always.

Ekua Sam-Pennie,
a Registered Pharmacist in UK and Ghana, and a certified skincare formulator