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Tropical Hair Oil (100ml)

Our Tropical Hair Oil is made with carefully blended oils derived from ancient trees that grow organically in the Western part of Africa. Shea, Baobab, Neem, and Moringa Oils are known for their rich, nutrient-packed moisturizing and hair-strengthening properties that deeply penetrate the hair and scalp. Use a few drops daily to boost luster, control frizz, and add a glossy sheen to hair without looking greasy.


Silk & Shea Shampoo (250ml)

The best natural shampoo should only contain fully natural ingredients. At Golden Oil Naturals, our natural shampoo is made from the best and finest natural ingredients and plant extracts. Our gentle cleansing shampoo for oily hair removes oil build-up on the scalp and gives hair a shiny lustrous look.


Shea Oil(100ml)

Shea Oil is 100% Natural Plant Oil for skin and hair moisturization. Also known as Shea olein. Shea Oil improves the appearance of tired-looking skin, restoring that radiant glow. It is extracted during the fractionation process of refined Shea Butter. It is liquid at room temperature and it retains all the great moisturizing properties of Shea. It is perfect on its own when used as a hot oil hair treatment or massage oil.